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In the realm of photogrammetry and 3D reconstruction, Agisoft Metashape Pro stands as a powerful software solution, enabling users to create highly accurate and detailed 3D models from 2D images with ease.

Let’s delve into the features and capabilities of Agisoft Metashape Pro and understand how it revolutionizes the world of digital imaging and modeling.

Photogrammetric Processing:

At the core of Agisoft Metashape Pro lies its advanced photogrammetric processing capabilities, which allow users to generate 3D models and maps from sets of 2D images captured from various perspectives.

The software employs sophisticated algorithms to analyze image data, extract key features, and reconstruct the geometry and texture of objects with remarkable accuracy.

Whether reconstructing landscapes, archaeological sites, buildings, or objects, Agisoft Metashape Pro provides the tools and workflows to produce high-quality 3D models and maps for a wide range of applications.

Multi-Sensor Support:

Agisoft Metashape Pro offers support for multi-sensor data, enabling users to combine imagery from different sources, including aerial drones, ground-based cameras, and satellite imagery, to create comprehensive and detailed 3D reconstructions.

The software seamlessly integrates data from various sensors and platforms, allowing users to leverage the strengths of each data source to achieve optimal results.

Whether capturing images from aerial surveys, close-range photogrammetry, or satellite imaging, Agisoft Metashape Pro provides the flexibility and versatility to process and combine multi-sensor data with ease.

Software Screenshots:

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Advanced Mesh and Texture Generation:

Agisoft Metashape Pro excels in its ability to generate detailed meshes and textures from photogrammetric data, allowing users to create lifelike and immersive 3D models with rich surface detail and texture.

The software employs advanced algorithms to optimize mesh topology, remove noise and artifacts, and apply high-resolution textures to the reconstructed geometry, resulting in stunning visual representations of real-world objects and environments.

Whether visualizing architectural structures, natural landscapes, or cultural heritage sites, Agisoft Metashape Pro delivers exceptional mesh and texture generation capabilities for creating realistic and compelling 3D models.

Geospatial Analysis and Measurement Tools:

Agisoft Metashape Pro offers a suite of geospatial analysis and measurement tools, allowing users to extract valuable information and insights from their 3D models and maps.

The software enables users to measure distances, areas, volumes, and angles directly within the 3D environment, facilitating accurate and precise analysis of spatial data.

Additionally, Agisoft Metashape Pro supports georeferencing and coordinate system transformation, enabling users to integrate their 3D models with GIS data and conduct spatial analysis for a wide range of applications, including urban planning, environmental monitoring, and geological exploration.

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What’s New?

  • Digital media can be made reliably and affordably, allowing the construction of statistical parameters to be computed and exported (Normalized difference vegetation index).
  • There are pictures of historical objects, buildings, apartments, people, and more.
  • You can directly download Sketchpad materials and publish them to what seems to be a wide range of consumer codecs.
  • The beautiful graphics include post-processing and several co-capabilities.
  • Several co-stations edit for cinematography, match, and other uses.
  • Gives a base for things like a lot of different improvements using three-dimensional images that reappear in real time.
  • A 360north latitude panoramic was made by putting together information from a video camera in different places.
  • Consolidated operations go beyond networking to take advantage of both the total processor speed of many places inside a single building and the fact that they are all connected.
  • After saving this same document as both a blueprint and a picture, users could change the picture into a different type of data format.
  • Some of the themes are prehistoric places, buildings, furniture, and people.
  • Too many web documents should be published directly and converted to as many user formats as possible.
  • Hyperrealistic stuff that makes sense: Rob had the chance to save more than one file.

Pros And Cons:


  • Multispectral Image Processing with RGB, NIR, and Thermal.
  • Rebuild quickly based on which channel you like best.
  • Multichannel indexes can be exported and worked out (eg the NDVI).
  • Also, it’s fast and easy to use for large projects because all you need to do is put in aligned photos.


  • Each wire can be saved as a 3D polyline model that can be exported.
  • Because of the catenary curve correction algorithm, the results are good.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 (32-bit or 64-bit – all editions)
  • 3 GHz or faster processor
  • 16 GB RAM (memory)
  • 3 GB free hard disk space available
  • Serious Graphics card

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In an era where digital imaging and modeling play an increasingly vital role in various industries, Agisoft Metashape Pro emerges as an indispensable tool for professionals seeking to unlock the full potential of photogrammetry and 3D reconstruction.

With its advanced photogrammetric processing, multi-sensor support, mesh and texture generation capabilities, and geospatial analysis tools, Agisoft Metashape Pro empowers users to create highly accurate, detailed, and visually stunning 3D models and maps for a wide range of applications.

Whether capturing landscapes, documenting cultural heritage, or analyzing environmental changes, Agisoft Metashape Pro provides the tools and workflows to turn 2D images into rich, immersive 3D experiences that inspire, inform, and delight.

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